1. You review Ms. Adah’s website, ads, and social media and determine you are likely a good match.
  2. You reach out by text or email to introduce yourself (name, interests, city/state location, availability) or you complete the Session Request Form (new clients only).
  3. Ms. Adah quickly responds with questions to determine whether you should meet. If so, she confirms the best location, date, and time given her schedule. She also provides rate and deposit options.
  4. If Ms. Adah’s session-offer works for you, you agree on logistics and submit the deposit (multiple options exist). Ms. Adah subsequently sends a link to her Session Planning Form where you provide details to help her design your experience. You will NOT be required to submit your ID or references.
  5. Once the Form is submitted, Ms. Adah reviews it and circles back to you for any necessary discussion.
  6. The morning of your session, you contact Ms. Adah by text or email by 9am to confirm whether you can attend your appointment. If you cannot, and you have a “Local” session scheduled, Ms. Adah will allow you to reschedule 1x without penalty for a new date that falls within 30 days of the original. If you schedule a “Tour” session, Ms. Adah will only offer any remaining dates and times she has available, if applicable.

  • First name
  • City and state location
  • Incall or outcall
  • Primary session interests
  • General or specific availability
  • Session Consultation Call: 100 for 30min
  • Verification Call (to make sure Ms. Adah is “real”): 25 for 5min