Thank You

If you have reached this page, you have submitted a donation or gift; thereby confirming your sincere interest in having a session with Ms. Adah.

THANK YOU for believing she can potentially fulfill your BDSM, fetish, fantasy, and kink desires.

To ensure you understand how Ms. Adah manages patron meetings, read all information on this page and then complete the Session Request Form.

Please note: you cannot save and return to this Form later, so make sure you have approx 15min available to read and answer all questions.

When you Submit the Form, text or email to let Ms. Adah know: she will review your responses and get back to you with questions or concerns.

Policies & Expectations

A. Deposit

Under no circumstances is the deposit refundable unless Ms. Adah cancels.

Although rare, in the event Ms. Adah cancels, she will offer one or more of the following options:

  • 1) reschedule your session
  • 2) 30min phone call sessions ($100 value each) equivalent to your deposit amount
  • 3) return your deposit provided it was paid through Venmo or Cashapp. Amazon and other gift card deposits are non-refundable; thus, only option #1 or #2 will be offered.

B. Confirming LOCAL & TOUR Sessions

It is YOUR responsibility to contact Ms. Adah between 7am-9am the morning of your Local or Tour session to confirm whether you can attend.

Failure to do so will result in session cancelation and deposit forfeiture.

  • Text (preferred): (609) 367-4764
  • Email:

C. Canceling LOCAL & TOUR Sessions

Canceling a LOCAL Session

If you cancel a LOCAL session (NJ, Philadelphia region, DE, or MD) the following applies:

  • Cancelation requests submitted prior to or during the appropriate timeframe noted in section B above (7am-9am morning of your session) typically result in Ms. Adah offering to apply your original deposit toward a new session date as long as it falls within 30 days of the original (rare exceptions apply): this is a 1x privilege and is at Ms. Adah’s discretion.
  • If you cancel a rescheduled session, and you wish to reschedule a third time, Ms. Adah may refuse the request or require payment of an additional deposit.

Canceling a TOUR Session

If you cancel a TOUR session (anywhere outside NJ, Philadelphia region, DE, MD) the following applies:

  • If you cancel with less than 24hrs notice, Ms. Adah will expect payment for a minimum of 50% of the session cost owed unless she is able to reschedule you during her remaining time in your area.
  • Paying the fee noted above demonstrates you have respect for Ms. Adah’s time and you acknowledge that you caused her a loss of income, one that may have significant negative impact while she is on tour where overhead costs run high (hotel, food, travel, etc) and filling last-minute vacancies can be difficult.
  • Provided you pay the fee, Ms. Adah will not blacklist you on local or regional provider-safety forums and databases or give negative feedback to other providers who inquire whether she has ever communicated with or seen you. Paying the fee also ensures that if you wish to see Ms. Adah in the future, she will likely accept your request.

D. Session Preparation

Clients may arrive to sessions wearing any clothing they wish, from sweats to suits. However:

  • You MUST arrive wearing underwear: no exceptions.
  • You MUST NOT have on cologne or aftershave. Ms. Adah is highly sensitive and allergic to many scents.
  • You MUST NOT smell like cigarettes, alcohol, or weed. Ms. Adah abhors the smell of all three.
  • If you have requested pegging, you must come “prepared” (if you are not sure how to do so, Google it).

E. Session Arrival

When you arrive to the session location, wait inside your vehicle and TEXT (preferred) or email Ms. Adah.

Do NOT wait in the location lobby unless Ms. Adah says it is ok.

NEVER ask at the Reservations desk for Ms. Adah under any circumstances.

Please do NOT arrive exceptionally early. Ms. Adah starts most sessions close to or at the time they are scheduled for.

If Ms. Adah is visiting your location, she will send a text or email for your room info when she arrives. Make sure you pay attention to whether the elevator needs a keycard for operation.

F. Session Start & Ending

Sessions begin when you enter Ms. Adah’s room or she enters your location, if you are hosting.

For sessions where you are coming to Ms. Adah, approximately 15min of your total session time will be utilized for your entrance, cleaning up (if needed), and de-briefing at the end.

If Ms. Adah is visiting you, approximately 20min, sometimes more, of total session time will be utilized for Ms. Adah to survey your space, change into her work clothes, setup, de-brief, change and clean-up her equipment.

For sessions 3hrs and greater, Ms. Adah reserves the right to either include a public element as part of the session (if agreeable to the client), or she may leave the session room for up to 15min to get fresh air, something to drink/eat, etc. For sessions 4hrs and greater, this time may be extended and a meal may be required.

G. Payment

The remainder of your session payment (total agreed upon minus deposit) is due as CASH in an envelope when you arrive to Ms. Adah’s room or she to yours.

If you require a different arrangement, like payment through an app, this must be communicated to Ms. Adah PRIOR to your session date and there may be an additional fee.

Ms. Adah rarely allows time-extensions during bookings because she has typically planned a sequence of activities to adequately fill the original time requested. When you book, please choose the session length you wish to experience.

H. Tipping & Gifts 

Like any service industry, tipping is always welcomed and deeply appreciated! If you are new to hiring providers, you should know that tipping is a “norm” in the industry.

If you wish to tip or provide a gift, the following options are appropriate:

  • Cash tip included in envelope at beginning of session
  • Cash tip at end of session
  • Venmo or CashApp or Wishtender tip at the end of session or sent within 24hrs of meeting
  • Retail-store purchased Visa or Amazon gift card given in the beginning or end of the session
  • Please do not bring alcohol, flowers, or food as gifts

Ms. Adah also always appreciates receiving a positive text or email after session completion!

I. Cell Phones & Video/Audio Recording

During sessions, your phone must be on vibrate or silent unless you have a business or familial need to keep your ringer on. If you do, let Ms. Adah know before you begin activities.

There is absolutely no audio/video recording or photos allowed unless you and Ms. Adah have agreed on one or more of these options in advance, which may require an additional investment.

J. Safety, Health, and Comfort

Safe Words: Ms. Adah will require a safe-word and/or safe-gestures for sessions involving intense and/or potentially painful activities. A safe word is typically not required for sessions that are more psychological and less physical in nature and/or where open communication between you and Ms. Adah can be easily achieved.

Smoking, Vaping, 420, etc.: Ms. Adah hates the smell of cigarettes. She also does not allow vaping or weed smoking during sessions, and she will not perform sessions in rooms that smell like cigarettes or weed.

Substances: Ms. Adah does not see clients under the influence of drugs and/or those who are intoxicated. No exceptions! Please note that if a client wishes to have 1-2 drinks before or during a session, this may be permissible but check with Ms. Adah first and respect her position without question.

Weapons: Ms. Adah does not tolerate the visual presence of weapons in the session space even if you have a license to carry.

Behavior: If you arrive to Ms. Adah’s space or she to yours, or if at any point during a session, your behavior seems erratic, alarming, disturbing, threatening, or unstable, Ms. Adah will end the session immediately and require you to leave the premises or she will leave yours.

K. Respecting Boundaries

First and foremost, Ms. Adah is NOT an escort.

Therefore, Ms. Adah does not offer nudity or the traditional, mutual-touch activities escorts typically provide.

She also does not offer sensual massage.

Ms. Adah expects all clients to demonstrate the utmost respect for her personal space, boundaries, rules and expectations at all times. Failure to do so, even if in a joking manner, will never be taken lightly.

Ms. Adah always has people aware of her location, she employs a check-in procedure when starting and ending sessions, and she has additional, more severe options readily available in the event she feels threatened or unsafe.

L. Returning Clients

If you are a returning client, Ms. Adah prefers that sessions are spaced out by a minimum of at least 30 days. And regardless of how many times you have seen Ms. Adah, you will always be required to pay a deposit.

Please note that session rates also fluctuate according to multiple factors (time of year, location, activity requests, availability, date, travel and hotel costs, etc), so there is no guarantee that what you paid in the past will be the same you will pay in the future. Each time you request a session, Ms. Adah will determine the rate options appropriate for that distinct moment in time.

Session Planning Form

Session Request Form

I. Profile Info

Provide real or invented "first name."
Please provide your ACCURATE age.
Please provide your ACCURATE height.
Please provide your ACCURATE weight.

II. Scheduling Info

III. Session Investment

IV. Past Experience

V. Session Interests & Requests

VI. Questions and Additional Info

VII. Confirmation of Understanding and Agreement