• Text: (609) 367-4764
  • Email: ms_adah@protonmail.com

Note: If you have scheduled a Social Meet and NOT an in-person session, and you cancel at any time, the deposit will be forfeited. If you wish to reschedule, a new deposit will be required and your previous deposit will NOT be applied toward the total owed.

  • Cash tip included in envelope at beginning of session
  • Cash tip at end of session
  • Venmo, CashApp, or Wishtender tip at the end of session or sent within 24hrs of meeting
  • Retail-store purchased Visa or Amazon gift card given in the beginning or end of the session

Ms. Adah also appreciates receiving a positive text or email after session completion! Well-written and/or unique, brief feedback may appear on her website with all identifying information removed.

  • You MUST arrive wearing underwear: no exceptions.
  • You MUST NOT have on cologne or aftershave.
  • You MUST NOT smell like cigarettes. Ms. Adah is repulsed by smoking.
  • You MUST NOT smell like alcohol or weed.
  • If you have not recently showered, it is acceptable to ask Ms. Adah if you can do so when you arrive but this will count toward your session time.
  • If you have requested pegging, you MUST come “prepared” (Google how to do so if you are not sure).

  • You have done adequate research before completing other provider booking forms
  • You notify Ms. Adah in-advance which provider or providers will be reaching out
  • You give Ms. Adah’s contact info to no more than 4 providers per month.
  • You tip Ms. Adah for her time and effort: Venmo, CashApp, Wishtender, or Amazon emailed gift card ($25 per reference is appropriate but more is always appreciated!).
  • Remember: References require Ms. Adah’s time and effort and are helping you to see another provider; therefore, it is only logical that you should tip for this service.

I. Contact Info & Status

Provide real or invented “first name.”

II. Personal Profile

Please provide your ACCURATE age.
Please provide your ACCURATE height.
Please provide your ACCURATE weight.

III. Scheduling Info

IV. Session Investment

V. Past Experience

VI. Session Interests & Requests

If you have requested cross-dressing and/or pegging, you are welcomed to bring your own things.

VII. Questions and Additional Info

VIII. Confirmation of Understanding & Agreement